Legends from Lacoytas: The First Seeker has been released!

Hey folks! Our game, “Legends from Lacoytas: The First Seeker,” just released today! Since this is the first game we have ever released, we will be releasing with a 20% discount. With our release, we have a few announcements to make.

While we did our best to polish the game, we are sure there will be bugs that pop up that will need to be fixed. We will do our best to come out with progress reports every 1-2 weeks, and come out with actual content updates every 2 weeks to a month. Going forward, our main goal is to release a mac version, fix bugs, and add some small details we thought of at the last minute but weren’t able to add.

We also have a large arena update planned. When creating arena mode, we sort of tacked it onto our game, and didn’t focus much on the balancing aspect. Our plan is to add several aspects to make the arena more fair and more fun. We’re hoping to have this update done within a month, but it will probably take closer to two months, as we have a lot of non gamedev stuff to take care of.

This brings us to our last announcement. While we enjoyed making the game and plan to continue working on it, we still have things we need to pay for. This means we will most likely have to find other work, which means less time to work on the game. Somebody important to us has also gotten covid, so we may be unable to work on stuff while we help them recover. We appreciate your understanding as we work through these things.

For those who have purchased our game, we would like to say thanks for your support, and we hope the game is an enjoyable experience!

NEETNectar Team