Cancelling The First Seeker updates.

Hey guys. We have decided to pull the plug on The First Seeker updates. After working on it the last few days we have realized it is making us miserable, and don't think that the updates will be worth the mental toll. The game is more or less dead, and we see no point in updating something that is dead and that we aren't getting joy out of making. We aren't happy to do this but think that our time can be better spent. We will still be checking our emails though, so please feel free to send one with comments or questions. We may also come back to it but most likely not.

While we aren't happy with doing this, we are allowing ourselves a few extra hours everyday to work on other stuff. This means that our next few games will hopefully be released a lot sooner than anticipated. We did have an action adventure game planned but think it will be too difficult with our current skill set, so we will most likely be doing a small 2d action platformer instead, which will hopefully be available by the end of the year at the latest.

NEETNectar Team